About Volume 11

General background

Marcel Nooteboom founded Volume 11 in 2006. The decision to start his own small enterprise was based on the fact that demands for sound engineering by Marcel increased rapidly during 2006.

Marcel is an experienced sound engineer and has worked for more than 15 years with various bands, agencies, venues, record and sound companies.

Volume 11 is specialised in so called "Front Of House" sound (the sound the audience hears in a venue). Volume 11 is also a professional partner for monitoring sound, coaching and education of sound techniques, band coaching and studio recordings.

In collaboration with several PA rental companies, Volume 11 can provide a fully equipped and professional studio as well as a school for sound techniques education at a high quality service for a competitive price.

Why the name Volume 11?

Over the years, Marcel has met musicians who thought that their own instrument should have the most prominent place (volume wise) in the mix.

During the sound check of one of the best bands in the Netherlands at a venue the solo guitarist asked if he could get more volume on both guitar and vocals. About a half hour later the singer, rhythm guitarist and the bass player stated that the rhythm guitar should be more prominent in the mix and that the vocals of the guitarist should be cut in their favor.

Situations as above remind Marcel often of one of his favorite movies: "This Is Spinal Tap". In Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel is also afraid that his fellow musicians are louder in the mix than he is. To solve this issue he orders a custom build guitar amplifier equipped with volume knobs with a maximum volume of "11" instead of "10"! Answering the question of the interviewer why he hasn't made the "10" louder, he states: "well it's one louder isn't it."

During the brainstorm session to find a name for his company Marcel couldn't resist and named it Volume 11.